Software Engineers

CyberWorks is searching for talented and creative software developers to join our software development staff. We develop a wide range of Web-related software including Java applets, CGI and NSAPI form processing/database interface applications, electronic commerce, HTML publishing and document conversion applications, and applications that interface legacy systems to the Web.

Candidates should be experienced developing Unix applications with C++ or C, and should have a strong understanding of OOP. A BS or MS in Computer Science or Computer Engineering is preferred. Experience developing in Java is highly desired. Other desired areas of expertise are listed below.

  • Experience developing Java GUI applications and applets for cross-platform deployment. If you’ve run into cross-platform quirks and incompatibilities in the AWT, you’re probably a good candidate for the position.
  • Excellent low-level Unix knowledge (Silicon Graphics or Sun).
  • Familiarity with relational databases (Sybase, Informix, Oracle) and SQL, as well as experience developing client/server applications using relational databases.
  • Experience developing Web-accessible applications (CGI and/or NSAPI.)
  • Experience with HTML and HTTP server software such as Netsite.
  • A firm understanding of TCP/IP and network programming experience with Java’s networking classes or Berkeley sockets under Unix.
  • Experience designing parallel applications and multithreaded programming using POSIX or Solaris, Irix, threads.

We understand that few candidates have all of these skills, but if you have a couple of them, we want to talk to you. These are full time positions with competitive salaries. CyberWorks is a fast-paced, rapidly growing company which provides an exciting working environment and challenging work.


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